Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Scenic Route to California


Well true to form, and making life interesting, we've got crud and water in our spare keel diesel tank... So we emptied out the back lazarette and topped up the main tank with our spares. Yeah that's right, the ones at the *bottom* of the lazarette of course ;o)

Now you would think that since people have been sailing the iron main (diesel engine) for many many years before my time, someone would have devised a clever way to easily separate the cack out... well there are a couple ways, but none that we have implemented.

The Captains initial idea is to break the line 'somewhere' and pump fuel into one of our now empty jerry cans... let it settle, and then pour it back into the tank minus the cack. The Admiral is a little leary of this idea, as it sounds suspiciously like we'll end up with diesel all over the inside of the boat... and that smell just never goes away.

Therefore the Admiral has proposed draining the tank through the filter bit a cup at a time, where the line is already broken, and you can *see* the cack. Don't you fret my pet, I'll let you know how it goes.

In the meantime we're heading towards California, hopefully pull into Eureka clean the tanks out, fuel up again... maybe do some laundry *fingers crossed*

Around 1:20pm were at
N 45.16.608
W 128.05.877