Saturday, September 04, 2010

You like boat, yah?

We got one window put on the boat... and assorted other randomness, but the big job of the day was hauling 'The Other Boat' and putting her up on blocks in the front yard.

Interjection - if you know anyone who wants to buy a 27' Vega... "I give them good deal, yeah!" :)

It was cool watching the whole process, Don, the guy who was driving the trailer was great. Its a good thing he's a professional though... cause I still thought it was a little sketchy at this one point. The only thing holding the front of the boat was this one little piece of wood. Right there. Yes that one that doesn't have anything attached to it, and is straight up and down... and its a blustery day!

But that's how you do it so you can get the trailer out from underneath. And obviously he'd done this once or twice before because it worked like a charm. Here they are being supermen and holding the boat up while they put the blocks in. I held it up by myself, but *someone* had to take the pictures and provide moral support.

Here she is, all supported... the trailer is out, and we only put one new pot-hole in the driveway. We were pleasantly surprised when due to luck or circumstance all the lengths of board we used fit as though someone had measured them. Thank you, it was muchly appreciated.

It's pretty crazy having a boat in the front yard... especially where it is, off to the side of the driveway. On the way out of the house, you feel a little like you're on a collision course. On the way back in though, it feels like you're about to be run down!

I tried to convince Mom and Dad that they should get a motion sensor attached to an air horn put on it... so when you drive by the running lights come on and it honks at you.

I thought it was hilarious... they didn't think it was that funny.