Thursday, September 02, 2010

Pushin' dates and buttons

Well the Captain and I were hoping to set sail tomorrow. However we are not remotely ready for that... and 'The Other Boat' is getting hauled on Saturday. So we have pushed the launch date till either Monday or Tuesday.

I guess this means I should figure out which clothes I'm taking.

I should also nail down our menu and bring back some of those cans of beans... I mean honestly we have enough beans on board to have them for one meal a day until we get to New Zealand. I think that might be a little excessive.

I have also started 'the daily hair picture' which will be compiled at the end of the trip into a time warp slide show of my short all the way to surfer hair.

In other news the back lazarette has been washed, and had some loving touches of paint applied. It lovingly applied some of the paint back on me, I think this means we're bonding? We also have spare diesel tanks filled and stowed, along with spare water, and 45 rolls of toilet paper wrapped in saran wrap. I always want to spell it 'seran wrap' the way everyone says it, but I had a wonderful argument with a roommate of mine once... where we couldn't just agree to disagree, he had to prove to me that I was wrong *smiles* It was so much fun, he nearly had a cardiac.

In any case back to the toilet paper. I'm not entirely comfortable shrink wrapping the toilet paper. I know it shouldn't ever get wet, but I mean shrink/saran spare parts, or anything else... but TP? That is like the only thing that doesn't work when damp or wet... like you can't even dry it out and use it again. So I'm going to stash some TP in zippy bags, and if it ever does get wet the Captain can use the wet stuff and I'll use the dry stuff.

We're definitely getting tired and stressed, and down to the wire everything that doesn't work the first time is way more frustrating than it should be. We had to laugh today though when I tried to stow the diesel in the lazarette. The jerrycan does not fit through the opening at the same time as me... I got it part way in, and got stuck. The Captain meanwhile had moved on to other things, heard "hey... technical difficulties... Dad I'm stuck!" (that's definitely a note to self)