Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Odds and ends and the engine

Okay so we didn't do everything we set out to do today... but we made another dent in the list!

We took the couch to the dump, picked up some engine filters from the courier...
Worked on the engine, checked oil pressure and then ended up taking engine exhaust apart cause it was smokin' on the inside. In amongst this I polished the stainless whilst handing Dad tools. We still have an alarm going off, but it's looking more and more like a broken sensor. I mean at least it starts now, and doesn't sound like an old guy with smokers cough!

At this point Dad left me to do the oil change on "The Other Boat" while he went running around for the engine. Well the oil change, including cleanup and running it to make sure the filter didn't explode didn't take very long.

Left to my own devices, and completely unsupervised (with no standing requests). I strung up a large sheet of plastic to dry using the main halyard, then emptied and vacuumed the lazarette... no minor feat as Dad thought it would take the efforts of ten humanoids plus two! This is most of the crap from out of the lazarette... excluding the dive tanks, the propane tanks and all the spare water jugs!

By the time Dad got back I was a little tuckered, so after we'd drilled, and tapped I watched the Captain try to mount the plastic bit on the boom for the boom vang. I found a couple good places to lie down on the foredeck and be morally supportive :)

"Isabelle was heavily into frills, even the dressing table seemed to be wearing a petticoat. The whole room wasn't so much furnished as lingeried ~Terry Pratchett"

Kind of makes you want to ask the couch if it really does want to slip into something more comfortable?