Saturday, September 04, 2010

So much for sleeping in...

Its like the committee that runs my body stayed up partying and then someone got the bright idea that they should pull the fire alarm... but being unable to *find* the fire alarm instead settled on pulling muscles. "Everyone grab a muscle and pull! Yeah that one over there too!" and the ones on the side lines cheered them on yelling "SEIZE! SEIZE! SEIZE!"

At which point my entire left calf muscle seized. In my irrational semi-comatose state with no one manning the bridge, it felt a lot more like "Noooooooo! Opposite muscle, opposite muscle, stretch it out, touch your toes to your knees... don't let it cramp all the way because you'll never get it unstuck!"

"Yesss! She's waking up! Quick pretend you're asleep, and act like nothing happened!" *giggles* "Shhhhh!"