Saturday, April 02, 2011


So I know this is way behind schedule... but I've been busy busy this week with Tae Kwon Do!

Anyways we got our poop in a group last Sunday, and as we were juggling our bikes and associated stuff out to the truck... I stop. Realizing that there is suspiciously light fluffly looking white stuff falling from the sky.

Yeah, that's right. It's snowing. I look at my roommate and go "Really?" He just kind of shrugged with half a goofy grin on his face with a "Why not?". Alrighty then, here we go! I was pleasantly surprised to find that we weren't the only ones crazy enough to go out riding in "this kind of weather"

This is about where Nate shucked his pants deciding he was hot enough to ride in shorts. He's not from around here ;)

It was awesome! We had a great ride, ditching our bikes for a bit once we past the point I had ridden with other people and hiked it to see where the trail went. Promptly after retrieving our bikes I got my first bail of the season out of the way... in particular it highlight every facet of my ever present grace.

Okay I'm totally lying.  Nate had slowed down to navigate a switchback that didn't have a nice berm to ride around... and I slowed down and stopped dangerously close to the edge of the trail behind him, which would have been fine except that the nimrods in charge of my balance decided we should dismount on the lack of trail side.

Luckily I wasn't clipped in or we would have had a repeat of the Kemper incident. I managed to throw myself up and over my bike more or less without tripping over it. Only to land and promptly stumble across the trail and land sprawled out on the opposite side.  Mom I'm pretty sure you meant for my middle name to be Grace didn't you?

It was so much fun, the trail down had flow, and we saw a gaggle of 7 wild turkeys! They scurried up over the hill away from us much like a stampeding herd of buffalo... it was soooo cool. The air rushing past my helmet, the sound of my bike tread chewing up the trail and spitting it back out again... breaking through the surrounding silence of snow falling in the forest.

We finished the day off with a hot chocolate from Tim Hortons *grins* I totally deserved it, and I would like to declare this bike season officially open!