Thursday, April 07, 2011

Why programmers shouldn't have phones

So I'm checking my annual phone message at work. It's not entirely forbidden but it's not exactly encouraged that I talk to customers... I'm a programmer and therefor socially challenged, or otherwise lacking in terms of customer service etiquette ;)

Anyways that's not the funny part. The funny part is that while I'm listening to my voicemail options drone on in the pre-recorded voice...

Press 1 to review your messages (no, actually I just called to see what you were up to this evening)... *rolls eyes*
Press 2 to randomly forward this message to someone else to deal with...
Press 3 to...

*attention span of a goldfish*

Press 77 to... *thinking* Damn, I must have missed the option I wanted... and when did we get all the way up to 77?

"To hang up, press the pound key"... waitaminutewhat!?! I have to press a button to hang up and *then* hang up? Hah! Yeah well I'm such a rebel I'm just going to hang up! How do you like that! You don't? Well, I'd like to know what exactly you are going to do about it!?!?

So there.