Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Easter bunny's got a sidekick... or two

The weekend of the season in Revelstoke and I forgot my ski boots *and* my helmet... and you know something? It surprises me a little bit that I can say this, but I'm totally okay with it *smiles*

I definitely picked up a cold from my best friends place, but I was there all weekend being sneezed, drooled and snotted on, but I wouldn't change that for the world. The best one was "Here Sam hold the baby..." and just as I picked him up under the arms he sneezed on me! Awwwww thanks buds. So no, I'm not really that surprised I'm sick.

There's nothing like waking up vaguely aware that it's Saturday morning. To overhear her Mom telling Little Feet, that it's not time to get up yet... and "You can go back to bed or go snuggle with Sam." Then hearing the little feet make their way over to my side of the bed... Prying open half an eyeball, just enough to see two eyes bright enough to make you wince against the sparkle. And a shy little grin that tugged a smile onto my face despite the hour. Scooping her up into bed, she snuggled down inside my heart somewhere and we napped for another whole hour before we got up *smiles*

I also got to be the Easter bunny's sidekick and I absolutely loved it. Okay... It's a close second to waking up and finding that the Easter bunny has visited, but it's still pretty damn cool. I think we had more fun trying to sneak around the living room, and up the squeaky stairs hiding chocolates than Little Feet did finding them ;)

Sunday morning I woke up to "bunny terds" *plick* *plock* *plunk*'ing down wooden stairs... and the sound of Little Feet scampering around, followed immediately by a pause of footsteps and the scritchy shredding of foil wrapped chocolate eggs...

It was too cute, Little Feet was so matter of fact about it... "The Easter bunny came, and he throwed candies everywhere!" - with an adamant frisbee throwing motion to punctuate the statement.

One of the best things about being the fun Auntie? I have a blast goofing around, get the kid all riled up on a sugar high and then give them back when they crash and burn.