Monday, April 25, 2011

From the Captain...

He actually sent this to me 4 days ago, but I've been a little delinquent... my apologies.

Just thought of you while the boat is surging along in the dark.  It's inky black out there, but a nice night with steady wind.  Doing about 5+ k with just the genoa (70% of) up.  the boat is behaving well.  did something dumb - tried the food preservation suggestion from Lynn Pardey that didn't sound right - make a stew type dish, leave it in the pot and re=heat daily for 5 min at the boil and it'll be fine.  NOT.  Made stew night before last, had it again last night after reheating as suggested = my tummy did not like.  I think I gave myself a (fortunately) very minor dose of food unhappiness.  Not try that again.  I'm fine, but ate lightly and carefully today.

It was a lovely afternoon - sunny and bright and the wind came up.  I think I may be in for something though, despite the forecast of more of the same.  There was cirrus cloud, and a boat on the net ahead of me a couple of days is reporting different wind speed and direction that I have, and than the charts and forecast suggest.  We'll have to see.

Not much else.
take care