Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Situation, about normal

In order to maintain the authenticity the following statement shall be presented in its unedited form. While reading it, imagine trying to type using a moving keyboard with your eyes closed while the room spins... I'd say he's doing pretty well actually!

From the Captain

Going well - wind is 15+ knots which is high enough to be interesting. Boat handles it well. It's been qn intersting day in that I discovered that the valve at the head discharge broke when I tried to open it switchng from holding tank to overboard the other day. Anyway, made a mess diagnosing the problem but there's nothing to be done about it until I get some where I can haul or beach - probably the latter. When I get closer I'll send yuo a list of parts required. Not a big deal, I have a bucket. Got out and checking gear and found the reefing line hanging loose. The sheet for the genny chafed over it and cut it. That's an easy fix and somethng to watch for - in the interim I put in the next reef and I'm still going 5.5 to 7 knots, so it seems that 2 reefs are probably what I should be running anyway.

That's about it - rocking and rolling on a beam reach with seas of 2 m. Saw false dawn this morinng = something I've heard about but never quite understood. About 2 hours before dawn the eastern sky got a bright orange bar like the sin was rising for a few minutes and the it disappeared. The water is neat - very clean and an icy looking blue green. Hard to describe.

I'm fine, tummy is fine. On course and generally averaging better than expected speed, whch if this holds should be on schedule or a day early but way to early to tell. The planner figured 24 days at 5 k average speed - which I thought was a bit much. Seems ok just now.