Monday, April 11, 2011

Please don't have to sneeze... please?

I'm not sure who's bright idea it was to have a ball practice *before* wallyball playoffs because man am I stiff today... The first time swinging a bat since last season, and I should know better, I really should. There's really no excuse, this happens every year... I just don't have a 'warm up' swing... I start the season swinging for the fence.

It hurts to sneeze, it hurts to laugh... it hurts to shiver! My entire core and supporting muscles are all writing strongly worded letters to my governing committee questioning my sanity. But sitting here in my padded office chair I feel alive. Damage reports have all come back with negligible problems, nothing preventing the jump to light speed. It's just a not so gentle reminder that I did something this weekend, and I'm proud to say I earned every single one of those stiff muscles.