Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Take... me out to the ball game

So you know how I'm not playing ball this year? Well we had our first game of the season yesterday...

My first hit of the season felt pretty good, totally burned the right fielder *grins* I was feeling a little awkward playing with borrowed equipment. Like a gangly teenage boy who looks like it's first day with his new go-go gadget arms and legs.

I know, I know... not playing ball right. Lets just say it's a compromise. I'm not playing on 4 different teams in two different leagues alternating between ladies and co-ed... and I'm not playing on weekends. I drew the line this year, I want my weekends to myself.

Maybe do some camping, some biking, you know... something other than ball tournaments and partying. Sounds so grown up eh? Hah! Don't let my mature outlook fool you, I'm sure having my weekends free this year will just open the floodgates for all those other crazy things I didn't have time for last year ;)