Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Captains Log

This is the Captain speaking:

Just to let you know, I'm fine, blasting along under headsail only.  I have the vane steering working and it seems ok.  Took a bit to work up the energy to try it.  The boat is doing well, so far doing 120 nm/day or better, which is better than I expected.  Lots of motion but it's pretty comfortable.

Did a dumb thing yesterday.  I put the companionway hatch cover in the cockpit since I didn't expect to leave it out of the door long. A wave hit, I lost balance and the cover fell to the deck, just ahead of my foot.  Crack.  It's shot.  I patched it with some plywood and it'll hang toghether until I can replace it.

The sea color is quite incredible.  Vibrant blue green when the sun is out, the water clarity is phenomenal.  When the sun is not out, it's an ominous grey green.  Saw a couple of shearwaters today, the first life for a couple of days though there were a lot of dolphins fairly close inshore.  Winds have been up and down,

Anyway, got to go a get ready for the net.  BTW, the radio is working great.  Talked to a guy in Courtenay last night as part of the net, as well as Arizona, Utah, northern Washington, Hawaii, and New Zealand.

Excerpt from an email to Mom:
Not much I can add - I'm not squirrely yet. Pass my best on to the kids.