Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This is your Captain speaking

I'm truly fed up with sailing this trip. It's hot and muggy, and I'm making good progress but still. I'm about 10 days to go, 2/3's there. Just coming up on the doldrums and the equator - I think I'm far enough west that the band of poor wind is about as narrow as can be expected - I'll motor through. I meet Joan at Marqueses and she'll spend about 3 weeks with me, and we'll work our way to Tahiti. From there, I have to decide if I head north for Hawaii and home, or continue. I do know that I do not like the long haul like this one is. the sailing has been easy, straight downwind, same sail, same course etc. for days and days. See what happens, but certainly looking forward to the end of this leg, a shower, a beer and some company. I hate hot.

Hope you had a good long weekend. Wonder if you still want to add another leg to your sailing or if you had enough last fall and are just way to polite to say so?

The phosphoresence was amazing last night. Light rain and squally this afternoon. I need a shower.

That's about it.

Take care of yourself. Give Dan a call and find out why he's sick again. That boy - I have to wonder if he's burning the candle at both ends and burning himself out. I gather you'll all get together soon. Miss you all.

Love Dad
I haven't decided yet Dad, but I miss sailing... and I miss you too. I'll ask Dan tomorrow ;)
Love Sam