Friday, April 01, 2011

I like big trucks :)

Okay so you heard about the shenanagins last week with my roommate and his truck, and the subsequent musical cars... well Saturday I helped him install the new starter, and by helped I mean he did most of the work and then I held it in flush while he did the bolts up.

After that though he let me drive it around town *huge grin* It's an old Toyota 4Runner, with a turbo, modified air intake... and with my limited understanding of trucks and kits I finally asked what he hadn't modified on it. I can't tell you what they were but you can count them on one hand. I have to say, his truck is A LOT of fun to drive!

Ended up in the tulies on every side of town, and showed him where a bunch of bike trails started... it was awesome!

We agreed that we should go biking the next day...