Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Brand new woman!

Well folks for the first time in... well since dinosaurs roamed the Earth... I'd like to introduce my Mom, whom I almost didn't recognize. She has just cut her hair short. Like shorter than short shorts!

I think it looks great! My apologies however, as I suck at taking portrait photos.

It was pretty cool all weekend though, as Mom experienced the freedom and lack of maintenance associated with short hair.  Like the wind on the back of her neck, and not getting hair in her eyes when we drove with all the windows open, and not worrying about her bobby-pin falling into dinner while she was making it... I thought "Does that happen often?!?!" but then I decided... that was something I really didn't want to know the answer to... oh and her amazement and excitement at how little shampoo she was going to have to take for her month-long visit.

All of this almost makes me wonder why I'm growing mine out...