Thursday, June 30, 2011

From the Captain's wife

We're here bobbing on the water in the lagoon on Moorea.  Motored/sailed over on Sunday.  Took 4 hours of pounding as there was about a metre of swell topped with whitecaps.  Didn't panic but had to wonder why anyone would want to pound through the ocean like that for hours on end.  Then the dolphins arrived chasing a school of flying fish.  Boy are they neat fish!  They look like they are flapping stubby little wings.  The dolphins were so neat!  They swam with us a while till we headed into the lagoon.  Happy to get to Cook's Bay.  Motored out to the lagoon on Monday morning and found it too lumpy and windy to swim.  Realized we have a logistical problem in that I can't climb into either the boat or the dinghy from the ocean without help from your dad (give me a little push!).  Spent the day reading your book and finished it last night.  Motored back into the bay to sleep as the weather report predicted high winds starting at 2 a.m.  Dead calm this morning so motored back out to the lagoon to row ashore to town and rent a car.  None available.  Booked one for tomorrow but David met a friend he's made here on Moorea (we're going to his house to do laundry and shower tomorrow!) who told us that tomorrow is another national holiday and everything will be closed so we rescheduled the car for Thursday.  Had a lovely lunch at a small greasy spoon in town.  Waited 1/2 hour in the post office to buy stamps for postcards and got a huge laugh from the guy when I said I wanted stamps to Canada.  $1.40 each!  You'll probably get your card when I'm home as I have to write something first.  Got Shelley's done though so I can mail that tomorrow.  Had a coconut ice cream and sat and chatted with dad's friend.  Nice guy.  Bought some ripe bananas and a papaya at a roadside stand.  The bananas are fabulous!  Wish we could get them at home.  I'm looking forward to trying the papaya tomorrow.  Got back to the boat by 4:30 and crashed!  I slept for 2 1/2 hours and dreamt of cats.  I felt like I'd been run over by a truck.  Not a strenuous day but after sitting and reading all day yesterday, except for the swim, I guess it was busy.

Take care all of you.  Miss talking to you.  Looking forward to talking when I get home.

Love you lots, hugs to all,
At 22/06/2011 4:08 AM (utc) our position was 17°34.86'S 149°37.09'W