Friday, June 10, 2011

The Captain: Dancing in the dark

I managed to change the offending valve without sinking the boat - I now have a working head!  that's a job I've been avoiding and procrastinating around for awhile.  The plunger routine didn't work, but I did get the valve changed without hauling the boat and only let in perhaps 5 to 8 l of water - it actually went very well.

Worked my little tail off today - sorted out anchors (gave up on the Bruce- in doesn't set inthe low density coral sand - but can't find a home to store it below - awkward shape), did the head, dealt with fuel tanks (time to add biocide and fuel conditioner), cleaned up some - especially the lazarette), did dishes, and I think I figured out the internet problem (Wirie got itself turned off I think)  Tired but not ready for a nap so rowed out to the reef (about a km away and bailed over and did a snorkel drift / swim back to the boat - a kind of transect from the inside of the reef where the waves break to the coarl sand plain where the yachts anchor.  Depths vary from 0 to about 8', with patches of sand and areas of coral.  Much of the coral was killed off by the El Nino year and is now in recovery mode.  Incredible variety of fish, urchins and my favorite - the big clams with the iridescent colored lips.  Saw patches of anemones with the clown fish faces peering up at me.  The tube worms are all kinds of colors. Really good snorkel.  Got back and made lunch - a can of tuna and rice cooked in the pressure cooker.  So, fed, and tired I'll try for a nap.

Still putting off going to the big city again to look for chain.  One of the yachties told me there's another major center to the west that is well equipped and cheaper.  Not sure what to do. Did learn that anchoring with two anchers is fraught with issues.  If the boat swings, the liens get twisted, if one is slack and the boat dances, the keels can catch and hook it.  The first time I muscled ti while snorkelling - hard work.  Middle of the night it did it again - and I managed to snag the line behind the keel since it was now under tension leading out perpendicular to the boat, and pulled in slack and wlaked to the stern - and dropped it.  It sank and the boat swung over the bight and the keel was free.  happy dance on the foredeck in the dark in my undies.

Take care  I need an underwaqter camera.

At 08/06/2011 5:20 AM (utc) our position was 17°28.89'S 149°48.95'W