Tuesday, June 28, 2011

From the Captain

Cooler is a godsend - working it overtime. Power is holding up provided the engine get's run and things like the anchor light isn't run. I need to get LED's up the mast for the tri light and the anchor light.

Mom is mostly catching up on sleep - she's sleeping well on the boat. Haven't moved (except for about 150 m that mom found exciting - apparently I shouted and sounded angry - I was just trying to be heard) Had to reanchor because got too close to another boat. Anyway, might start to do something soon.

Here's Mom.

Love the short hair! It's perfect in the wind and on the dinghy. We've been back and forth to shore a number of times. Got prickly heat rash on my thighs which is extremely painful and uncomfortable. Washed my hair this morning on the boat in a tub and it worked pretty well. Nothing dries here. It's all damp and mildewy. Wish I'd brought more shorts and nighties. Skirts are impossible for climbing in and out of the dinghy. Need more socks too as my feet sweat in my shoes and I wear them for all the walking on shore. There's no beach here, just pavement and concrete which runners are the best shoe for.

Daniel, hope you are well. Please phone Granny and Auntie Marg to let them know that we're fine and I'm enjoying being in the tropics with your dad.

Went into town day before yesterday. Pretty different from home. Lots of small grubby little bars and shops, many of the buildings look like they are crumbling in the climate. Not pretty at all. Lots of construction happening.

Try and connect another day.

Love and hugs,
Mom and Dad