Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Part Sunday, take 2

So remember how I slid head first in to third base last weekend? Well on Sunday we were playing on a diamond reminiscent of the backyard days of yore. Using a broken hockey stick as a bat and a tennis ball... Where the base line wasn't square and the bases were more often than not pieces of clothing.

Grass infield, with an odd sandy mixture at the bases. I took one look at it and said to one of our awesome girls "I'm sooo not sliding in this..."

Famous last words.

So there I am running to third, not even really a close play... and next thing I know I'm doing a torpedo roll feet first into third base.  When asked what on Earth I was doing sliding, well all I can say is... I slipped *shrugs*. There was even a large skidding divit in the grass to prove it!

By this point everyone was laughing, as I emptied the sandbox out of my sliding shorts... and examined the addition to my collection of war wounds for the weekend.

I totally made up for it during our next game though, when all the planets and stars aligned... and I hit the 267 meter fence. *hugest grin evar* it was AWESOME!!!! The clouds opened up and the angels sang, grown men wept at the beauty of it at being burned by a girl... and I grinned all the way to third base :)

For the rest of the weekend I was still slightly in awe, and would turn to Jody...
"Hey Jody..." 
she'd say "yeah?"
"I hit the fence" *s*