Friday, June 10, 2011

From the Captain...

It blowing through the anchorage today and last night =25 to 35k.  I pulled in the Bruce anchor yesterday after untangling it from the keels and it's rode was wrapped around the one to the plough (CQR) anchor.  The latter seems to work better in this material - one of the real pluses of the clear warm and shallow water is actually watching how the anchor and chain system works.  Wasn't real happy getting up this morning to the moaning of the wind.

My CPAP died so I'm not sleeping well, then the anchor alarm on the gps went off suggesting dragging.  Not really - just the alarm circle is 164' and I've got out 110+ feet of scope, the wind turned around and the swing fell out of the alarm safe zone.  Not to worry but I did go for a swim to check the anchor set.  It did move  about 6' - looks like when the boat swung the full circle it trip out and then reset itself.  Holding fine but I'm not moving today or leaving the boat.  Anyway, I grumpily bailed off the back of the boat and the fist thing I see is a beautiful spotted ray gliding by - made the snorkel.

Got sort of going, made some pancakes for breakfast, checked the anchor, drift, took distances off with the range finder etc. Measured wind speed.  Spliced up a float for an anchor indicator.  Re-read the section in the Cruiser's handbook about anchors, rode and chain - still have to replace the chain and really don't want to go to the city to do it. I'll have to get at least 66 m to provide a long piece of 50 m and replace the rusty section currently on the CQR.  The bow roller arrangement need modifying - when the boat is dancing the rode likes to flip out off the roller. It needs some ears welded on, and perhaps some other additions to help secure two anchors.  I can't find a home for the bruce down below - awkward.

Reading the Art of War - I'll try and remember to send it back to you with Mom. My computer acted up this morning - it seems to be getting confused somehow with the wireless network.  I now have two icons on the right hand control bar for the wireless.  One with a red X, the other says life is good.  Anyway, for whatever reason, I shut down, rebooted and I have I net.  I really don't like it when the machine appears to reconfigure itself and gets confused.  Hopefully it will contine to work.  Right now I'm using the Wirie with the baby antenna in the boat ham shack and the transceiver plugged in direct rather than through the main antenna out back.  Was that part of the problem ? Don't know - this works, I'll put it all back after I get this off and try it again "properly".  Who knows.

That's about it - today I sit and let the wind blow.  It's up to 30 k, I'm holding (both accordig to the GPS and my distance off a fixed reef marker - lazer rangefinder estimate)  and some idiot has just slotted a big cat in front of the cat ahead of me.  Not much room for him if things get ugly.  Hopefully the wind will ease soon as the front goes through.

Take care, Dad