Monday, June 06, 2011

From the Captain...

Today went for a hike to a view point - the hike turned into a bit of an epic because decided to try to avoid the 5 k walk back down the road with the traffic.  So, there was a trail to another lookout from which you can see the two main bays on the north side, as well as the reef etc. on the south side of the island.  Lots of vertical.  Anyway, the trail system is convoluted and it took awhile to sort out the way down - did eventually.  Problem - hiking in sandles with my flat feet is not a good idea.  Survived.  Hot.  The swim back at the boat was lovely.

Nice dinner - fresh big piece of tuna, some fresh veggies etc.  Big day tomorow - catch the bus to the ferry, then the high speed ferry to Tahiti (30 min) and deal with the customs people  - formalize my visa and look for some parts etc.

All is fine - I'll add some notes in a day or so.

Glad you had a good visit with granny.

Love Dad
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