Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Can't contain awesome

Best Taekwondo evar!!!!!!

So after mixing up the class times and showing up an hour early... Leaving... and showing up again I found out it was stripe test night, and promptly swallowed a proverbial bumblebee.

See I missed all of my tkd classes last week due to the 1000+ miles I put on my car (yes really, I worked it out) so I had no idea what I was supposed to know?!?

I've been having a little trouble picking up the second half of my poomse but it ended up being totally fine, I got a little crash course and it seems to be sticking with me.

That's just the cool part though, the awesome part is that we finished our stripe tests early, everyone passing with flying colours so we got to do some kicking drills and two of us did a triple front kick!!!

Now this is the part where I can admit to you, my Internet readers that a wee tiny major bit of the reason that I did it, was cause one of the boys did it first. I can't help it, it's like an anything you can do I can do better gene that is recessive until exposed to testosterone... then it kicks into overdrive!

It was the coolest thing evar though! Like I might as well have been doing aerial flying mortal kombat kicks with flames shooting out behind me!!

Seriously, it was that cool.

So super pumped, but I'm pretty sure my legs are gonna hate me in the morning...

The look on our instructors face though, as she sat there shaking her head that *two* of us could do it, and had both picked it up relatively quickly... was priceless. She's been building it up for weeks now ;)