Monday, June 27, 2011

Burlap sack...

I'm sorry NCIX but you need to be placed in a burlap sack and beaten. Why you ask? Well please feel free to enlighten me but did the screen protector (the colored bit on top) *really* need it's own box?!?!

Yeah if you're wondering all that brown stuff was in there too, you know to keep it from flopping around and hurting itself IN ALL THAT SPACE!

Now, granted this indiscretionary use of boxes is not nearly as bad as The enourmous HP box spotted from space... and all the materials used *are* recyclable, but it was still taking up space on a truck somewhere that consequently had to make 57 trips to deliver all the screen covers rather than one.

It hurts my little hippy heart, and it was made that much more obvious in comparison to IKEA, who does an exemplary job on their packaging. Even their plastic wrap is recyclable!