Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Also from the Captain...

Went for an incredible dive today with the divemaster.  Two days in a row I've had private tutoring because people didn't show up / cancelled.  Did the pass, the entrance to the lagoon where the water flushes in and out.  There's a steep coral reef / wall over "the blue" - can't see bottom.  Only saw one largish black tipped shark but the dolphins came to play for about 20 min around 60'.  They're neat to touch and watch etc.  Schools of silver baracudda like fish, but then a full size baracudda swam by - impressed.  And then there was the myrid of tropical fish from schools of little ones that are the most incredible brilliant blue to stripes and splotches and every imanginable color.  The coral looked like a huge garden of mutant plants of increidble shapes and colors etc. with fish in and out and around.  The a marlin (about 2 m) came by - a real treat that is rarely seen.  So, and extended time with the dolphins (20 m instead "real close" of the appparent kick looking and maybe a brief touch), plus the marlin plus plus plus.  The divemaster was really pleased with the dive.  I also got a lesson on that dive computer - thank you.  Wish you were here, I'd stay just to see you take the course with this guy -he's good, even if the engish is a bit broken.

Anyway, I'm hooked so I'm doing another dive tomorrow so here for at least another day.

Did a dive on the anchor this after noon and found, despite "setting it" and at least two nites of really high winds etc. the anchor itself was sitting on the bottom not dug in AT ALL.  The chain was wrapped in a big zig zag between lumps of corral and there was no way the boat was going anywhere.  I would not have been able to pull it up either.  So, I unwrapped it to reduce the damage and carried the anchor and chain over some and manually reset into sand.  Hopefully it stays, and if we drag, won't go far before hanging up in more coral.  See what happens but I think I'll get into the practise of hanging an anchor bouy and trying to anchor in shallower water where I can see the set without having to use a tank.

That's about it.  More and more I'm thinking of wintering the boat on the hard in Tahiti or Fiji, and coming home for the ski season so I can do the islands for a couple of months before maybe heading north.

If you get the chance when home, you could climb the radio tire and slack off the bolts at the antenna rotator and use a pipe wrench to point it south.  PLEASE clip in, it's not that difficult.  The rotator isn't working (blowing fuses) which suggests a problem with the rotator or the antenna itself is jammed.  There is a bearing / guide at the top of the tower where there could be a problem so if it doesn't rotate easily with the pipe wrench, then you could have a look there.  Whatever you do, take care and be safe.  I think you need 9/16" wrench for the bolts on the clamp that holds the base of the mast at the rotator.  When I get home, I'll probably have to pull the rotator out for a rebuild - unless the cause of the blown fuses can be found elsewhere (top of the tower?).  So, if you have time and conditons work, have a look.  If not, so be it.  I did talk to Mom on the home rig using the wire antenna the other day.  It was really shakey and weak but it did work.

That's about it, take care of yourself - have fun, drive safe and play fair to yourself.

Love Dad