Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Part Saturday, take 1. "Green boob and Sam"


I hardly know where to begin, or how many parts this epic weekend is going to turn into... but I had such a fantastic time, got to reconnect with old friends and met a few new ones it was awesomesauce!!!!  Oh, yeah and the girls on our team? Rocked all weekend!

Saturday we played a really good team from Calgary, and it was close the entire game... I got a deceiving blooper of a hit out towards left center, and was half way to second when the fielder bobbled it! there was an echoing boom as I broke the speed of sound, with my third base coach calling me to third... about half way there he got the *oh shit* look on his face and gave me the pointers *down to the bag*

I wasn't close enough! I closed my eyes and did the superman dive flattening myself out to a mere shadow.  In the meantime the incoming throw was off, and the third baseman was forced to step directly into my path to the bag... I stopped in a cloud of dust, very abruptly... my head, his shin... and one arm on either side.

The ump yelling "SAFE!" cut through the surrounding din... I relaxed and just lay there for a minute giggling (cause you know, I'm sensitive like that).

I would like to take this moment to apologize to everyone on the field with first aid... next time I'll give the courtesy wave with an "I'm okay!" despite the tender bit on my head...

It was totally worth it, with one out and Jessie up to bat all he had to do was hit the ball... and I was the winning run in! *happy dance*

"Dirty bits"

Oh right, the title might be a little confusing... until I tell you that it turns out I bruised my boob on that slide into third. Betcha third's shin looks way better ;)