Tuesday, May 24, 2011

From the Captain

I left Mahini Atoll without doing that drift dive - the opportunity got lost in a fuel exercise. Anyway, have fuel now. Sailed and motored to Rangiroa Atol - one of the biggest communities and I think I've arranged a scuba dive through their pass, to look at sharks amoung other things. It might deal with my paranoa of those critters. Later today I'll do some snorkelling at the "Aquarium" - a shallow reef system loaded with fish apparently. Had a pleasent lunch at the dock in a little rundown cafe that overlooks the shallows, watching tropical fish and a big ray swimming around below. The water is incredibly clear, a kinda of aquamarine blue. It's hot.
Motored through the pass - wasn't sure what the tide was like when I entered and it was jus tlike home, muscling thour Dodds. Walked back a couple of hours later to see 2+m standing waves (ebb tide about 6 k gainst incoming swell - impressive, I was lucky with my timing. The weathe is flakey. Sailed most of yesterday getting here (26 hour trip) but the winds shifted a lot and losing it when it's dark is a paint not first get the sails drawing again on a new course, and then to scync in the Autohelm. Pain. About an hour out a sqaull came over and I got very well rained on - but the wind came up and I was to 7 to 8.5 k for maybe 20 min. good fun.

Take care, get the skin pads and the right peddles and quit doing body damage on the bike. You need to be intact come ski season, especially if I'm home in Feb - and Daniel is available.

Yes Dad, I'll try... but its not like I was trying to do any damage in the first place! ;) ~S