Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dear work

I know I told you that I didn't know exactly what time I would be in to work tomorrow because I hadn't booked my plane ticket home, however it's a good thing I didn't tell you even after I had booked my plane ticket home... because I didn't actually end up taking that plane home.

I was having so much fun here that I decided to stay for a second helping of dessert, and by stay I mean missed my plane... and by dessert well it was fantastic and I did have a second helping, so the evening wasn't a total loss ;)

I will apologize in advance though, I'm sorry. I'm anticipating an 8 on the zombie scale, and will most likely need more than one coffee tomorrow. I will *try* to take that into account before calling anyone's intelligence in to question in my outside voice... I promise.

I think my wild angels need a break, luckily I have more than one amazing friend who has offered to pick me up at the airport.

Thanks so much guys, sometimes things work out despite me ;)