Tuesday, May 03, 2011

From the Captain...

Sailing is good.  Got thru the doldrums (ITCZ) a week or so back  (~1 deg N), seems like a long time.  Motored 6 hours.  Had several days after that of squalls, some pretty interesting and intense rain - like standing under a fire hose.  In one the loose sheet from the jib went overside and snaged the prop.  Still snagged - have to sail into port and can't motor at all now - though can run engine to charge batteries - need about an hour for each day so every three days I run for 3 hours or so.  The Ahelm needs feeding else the panels would do me.

that's about it - should make port Thurs or Friday.  I'm hoping thurs but the winds were light today and I'm close hauled - making 3+ knots.  things just picked up, currently doing 6 - it's dark out.  If this holds most of the night and I can make 4 most of the next few days, Thursday might work.

Beautiful sunset.  Different birds - one about the size of a large crow, built kinda plumpish, with relatively short wings was about.  He bobs along between the waves hitting the water with his feet very 1- 15 m.  Don't know what that's about.  Certainly different.  Flying fish.  One about 250 mm got caught on deck but I was busy in squall mode so just flipped him back - don't think he made it.  Pretty.  Found a little dried up one this morning on the port deck.

That's bout it - meals are pretty simple. Ususally just a can or jar of something.  Tonight boiled thelast of the potatoes, mashed, added dill, some onions and a tin of salmon - mix and eat.  Some savory with the onions and dill covered the taste of the salmon that I don't particularly care for.

All is well

Love Dad