Monday, May 16, 2011

From the Captain

I left the Anahoe Bay morning before last and had a good sail, logging a 120 m day, then the wind died.  I coaxed etc. for about 8 hours at 2 k and then put the motor on and it's been a mind numbing din for the last 18 hours, and in so doing, got 105 m so I'm half way to Manihi at the cost of diesel.

It's HOT.

The pilot charts say 0 fuel consumption,According to the Pilot chart program I should be in 12 to 15 k wind making 120 mpd under sail. -- I wish.  There is no wind, and a long low glassy swell. There was a rain squall on the horizon but it slid behind me - I was hoping for a bit of wind and some rain to cool things down.

I'm a bit concerned about fuel in that I was running on the main tank and the engine wound down as fuel starved even though the tank is about half full.  It's still got dirty Eureka fuel and the primary filter needs changing again.  That load of fuel has become very expensive.  Currently I'm running on one of the keel tanks.  In an ideal world the wind will come up and I can shut of the engine so I don't need to get to the main tank fuel until afte I port where it's easier to change the filter.

I got thru on winlink last night, so hopefully there'll be a reply - I do look forward to news etc.  I didn't connect with Gerry though.  We'll have to see how this goes, but I seem to spend a lot more time looking at courses u  p through Kirbata (Line Islands) as opposed to those to Tonga, Fiji, and NZ.

Not much else to say.  Joanie is here and fine, though it's a bit tough sharing the boat space in the heat and the lack of wind.  We did a few days in the bays at Nuka HIve and then are moving on to Manihi Atoll.

Anyway, take care.  Miss being home and considering cutting things short and heading north towards Hawaii.  I don't like the long passages or the heat.

Love Dad
At 15/05/2011 4:14 AM (utc) our position was 10°25.42'S 141°55.62'W