Friday, May 13, 2011

An example of how *not* to do it

So last night at taekwondo I found myself at the front of the line... and no, it wasn't one of those instances where I was jumping up and down with my hand in the air going "Pick me! pick me!" It was more one of those "everyone form a line" and magically, everyone else receded into the background leaving me at the front, which normally would have been fine... but in this case at the end of the circuit we were supposed to do 3 jumping front kicks. The instructor demo'd it, I watched, nodded and thought to myself "jump and do a front kick... I can do both of those"...

Well I did my first go through the circuit, then a good short sprint across the mat... jumped and got *HUGE* air, and started my front kick. In the middle of I realized that kick was throwing my rotational balance off vertical and that things were not going as planned...

Next thing I knew I promptly bounce-landed on my left butt cheek in a rather abrupt manner, and the instructor was saying "ohmygoodnessareyouokay?"

Yes, yes I'm fine. I'm only crying on the inside. I just bruised my ego a little bit. Okay I lied, I bruised my ego a lot, it has just curled up into a ball and crawled into a hole... but that aside I'll be fine *pssshtt* what's a little bounce on a nice padded gym mat?

As I sauntered over to rejoin the end of the line to try it all over again all I wanted to do was check to make sure my butt didn't have a dent large enough to write off an SUV, but for the sake of what little remained of my pride and dignity, I didn't.

But you know what made up for it all? I totally nailed the flying side kick *snaps* that's right, mmmmhmmmm I did! I don't know if it actually looked as awesome as it felt and sounded... but I don't care, in my head it was Jackie Chan AWESOME!