Wednesday, May 25, 2011

From the Captain

Apologies, I'm a little behind on posting these. Something had a brain-fart yesterday and I couldn't sign in...

Hooked up with a local divemaster and did an introductory dive to get comfortable and check equipment and technique today.  Saw a lot of tropical fish, a good sized (3.5 m)white tipped shark from less than 10 m, sea horse, moray eel with a head 250 mm dia and a lot of teeth, and lots of other stuff.  Basically all went well, no problems and I'm comfortable to go in the deep water in the pass.  Rounded things out with the dive master who wanted to discuss a project to build a tunnel and underwater viewing chamber at 20 m deep, so spent an hour or so "concept engineering".  Left him with some thoughts etc. but made it very clear that I was not an expert, and not interested in being involved and that he needed to talk to someone a lot more knowledgable before he goes further.  I think the project may be feasible, but expensive.

Anyway, that's been a high point.  Wish I had bought your camera or similar before I left with a housing, it would have been a good tool.

Take care, hope all is well.  You'd be having fun here.