Thursday, May 12, 2011

On matters of import, the Captain writes

Grapefruit are lite green but ripe.  Huge about 8" across, and sweet,  no sugar req'd.  Haven't figured out a neat way to eat, so slice into sections and slurp and drip..

Moved from Daniels bay back to Taipoa bay, ck'ed out with Gendarmes (customs) and then the intent was to get around the east end to a bay on the ne side - didn't make it so overnited in Controleur bay last nite, got in there almost in the dark, but the plus was the dark greybig dolphins that played about the boat in the swell for half an hour or more - they might be the pygmy orcas or mellon head whales that are supposed to be in the area - not sure but was neat.  Today got around to the target bay on the ne side, walked on a sandy beach , chased crabs etc.

here tonight and perhaps tomorrow nite then head west for 4.5 days to the next island group.