Tuesday, May 31, 2011

From the Captain

Haven't done any more dives - the budget you know.  Snorkelling some.  Planned to move on but the wind has been high with squalls so sat tight another day here - hope to get out of the pass tomorrow but will likely get beat up on the outside since the wind has been blowing steady now for several days from the SE, so the waves will be well developed.  We'll see.

Finally got a phone card to use the land line - no mean feat.  Get them at the post office which is only open 7 am to noon three days a week.  Since it's a non trivial exercise to get to where the post office is, it hasn't happened.  Now I have a card, I can call granny and wish here a h-b'day.  I'll row into the dock about 6 am tomorrow and try to do that.

Not much to say, sat on the anchor most of the day - did motor out and look at the pass and outside this morning, then sailed about 8 m to look at the other pass, and then motored back to put the hook down roughly where I was.  There's really only one comfortable place to anchor in this wind.  The excitement was when I dropped the dinghy painter and it took off in the wind - another yachtie retreived for me before I'd swum far.

Dinghy's is a topic.  the little hard one I have works well rowing and even the elec motor works ok but the reality is that you really need something more substancial - a RIB (rigid bottom inflatable boat) with at least a 10, preferably larger outboard to handle the waves, distances etc.  Trying to snorkel off the little pram is difficult at best.  I do have the inflatable but it rows like a pig and doesn't motor at all well because the bottom is soft.  Other than that things are fine.  Perhaps if you come down here, you can take the dive course with the chap I've been diving with here in Rangi - he's good.

Take care of yourself and have fun - you seem to.  I hope life is treating you well and you're happy both at the surface level which we and other see as well as deeper down.  You get one trip around the track of life, no going back, and no time outs.  You'll regret things you didn't do more than rejoice the things you did - for the most part.  I've had fun along the way, and I have three great kids to show for it. 

At 25/05/2011 12:56 AM (utc) our position was 14°58.07'S 147°38.21'W