Sunday, May 08, 2011

He made it!!!

(not that there was ever any doubt) But still ;) Congratulations Dad, I'm so glad to hear you made it okay :)

The Captain writes:

I'm here as you know. It's "interesting" and I think you'd like it. Coming in towards the island, there were large dolphins leaping several body lengths high - just because. I pulled into Bai du Controleur to clear the prop and on the way in there were about 40 smaller dolphins around the boat feeding, leisurely surfacing, and occasionally jumping in nice arcs etc. Neat. Lots of birds.

The prop clearing took seconds - I anchored and was in the water twice for perhaps 20 seconds and 40 seconds! Didn't know if was safe or not. The rope had a couple of neat half hitches around two of the prop blades. There are sharks about and the water wasn't very clear which is a bad time. Anyway, motored fine after that and got out of that bay and over to the next one where the town is. tired. Checked in this morning. The biggest hassle was the bank - the paper that lady generated is good for the forest industry. Spent much of the day walking, met a few yachties etc. - an Aussie was telling me that the big problem they now have is crocodiles. Seems they've been on a no kill list for 15 years or so and the population has exploded, so they are expanding their range - makes it so no one can swim or dive north of 25 deg S. The crocs apparently swim between the islands so while rivers and river estuaries are the primary habitat, it's no safe even out to sea. Apparently, the crocs are much more dangerous than sharks ever were. Apparently, the urban "greens" will not allow any control so a lot of coast is being written off - beautiful beaches etc. - with signs posted "Crocodile warning". Apparently they had a problem with German tourists who couldn't read the signs - they lost some so now the signs are bilingual - with German.

Such is life. I wonder if we'll see something the same our way with Grizzly Bears.

Have yet to write up the journal. Coming up to the island there was a faint smell of scorched ironing on the air - about 10 mi down wind of another island. Same smell once round the headland, and that identifies the land. they burn excess veg (grass cuttings, fonds etc. - I assume because they'd be buried in them otherwise. Goats graze on the hillsides. In town, chickens everywhere underfoot. occasional horse in use and 4x4's everywhere. The anchorage is rolly. It's hot. The internet sucks - painful slow. I can't skype - I did however get my VISA paid. Just about rested up - I think I'll move tomorrow to the next bay, I'm told it isn't as rolly and the water is good - I need to fill a tank. I started to get extravagant and use fresh water for washing stuff, myself included. Now showers here - well, that's not quite try - there is one that is pretty grotty, just cold water coming from a pipe in the ceiling. Mind you, "cold" is really tepid here. I've turned the fridge unit on again and filled it with water bottles. The beer is like pee and expensive - I got one can - enough. I was a bit messed about with time - still on west coast time and I finally got the correction - 2.5 hours. I'd figured 1 based on latitude. Anyway, I was due for lunch so I wandered into a "restaurant" - basically a rough shed on the dock. They offered me an omelette - which sounded ok, I made sure it had no cheese. I forgot that most places add milk. I paid the price this evening. The joys of the language barrier. Anyway, laundry is organized. I tried to do some shopping - not much in the store expect cans - which I have. And expensive. Anyway, I did get a chunk of sausage which will be a change and some bread and OJ concentrate. In the morning, there's produce at the market near the dock - so I can get some fresh stuff.

That's about it. Take care.

Love you. Hugs.