Friday, May 13, 2011

It started out like any other day

Until I got to the Tim Horton's parking lot and realized I didn't have my wallet.

After 5 seconds of uncontrollable panic I remembered where I had it last, where I'd left it... and that it *wasn't* in the car with me.

The next 20 seconds consisted of tearing apart all the places I keep spare change, namely the bottom of my purse and my left cup holder. The most significant piece of change a quarter in one and a dime in the other, pathetic I know. This was about the time I decided it would be really handy to have an emergency credit card in the car.

It then occurred to me that I was more upset I couldn't get my morning coffee than the fact that I'd just driven across town sans license... priorities right? *shakes head*

I started to pull out of the parking lot, and one of my wild angels realizing that their job would be a teeny weeny little bit easier if I was at least awake and moderately coherent, yelled in my ear that I still had roll up the rim winnings in my *other* cup holder. I parked sideways across 2 parking spots, grabbed them and ran in! I asked the nice lady behind the counter with bated breath if they were still accepting them, and they were!!!!

*happy dance*

Who says Friday the 13th is unlucky? I didn't even get pulled over on my way home from work, so you can just stick that in your pipe and smoke it!