Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Taking the wrong way 'round

Well I sure could've used that Darth Vader GPS this morning... because it would have told me to make an illegal u-turn a lot sooner than I did, and I would've gotten a whole lot more ride in.

Instead I ended up on the wrong side of the lake, looking for a connecting road that would take me down... all I found were no through roads and the curly-cues of organized suburbia.

The ride was perfect, or as perfect as it could have been for 20 minutes. Dead calm, tranquil... cool. The only sounds my tire tread on the trail, the wild turkeys and the 2 deer I startled bounding away. Fresh. Just me and the trail, oh and that rock.

Y'know some days even your lucky rocket ship underpants don't help... well getting lost was just the beginning. As I was loading my bike up on my rack, as high up as you can go on a Fit, I dropped it on my head. I think the fury was angry that we only did a teaser of a ride, cause that was like getting the leash out putting it on your dog and then walking around the block.

My head still hurts.

Top it all off with the Conservatives winning a majority government. I was voting for anyone but the Conservatives. I know these aren't sound political arguments, but Harper gives me the willies and I'm pretty sure he wears eye-liner.

Thanks to the women who came before me, I did exercise my right to vote, so that means I earned the right to complain about it... The fact that I can do both without fear of being reprimanded is something that shows how far we've come. Even if the choices are dismal, we still get to make them!

I think I need some lucky rocket ship underpants.