Monday, May 09, 2011

Uninterrupted days since last injury

A major work safety catastrophe was averted today. Two primary Level 2 first aiders entered the warehouse with the seemingly safe job of storing computer boxes for warranty purposes...

Big First Aider: I pulled out the step ladder, and realized as I was about to climb up, that if I fell and the Little First Aider tried to catch me... not only would I injure the Little First Aider, but most likely myself as well!

Little First Aider: Can you imagine the amount of paperwork that would have been involved?!? That incident would have sparked safety meetings for the unforeseeable future, not to mention the associated procedural changes!

By having the Little First Aider climb the ladder (in heels even), they were able to completely eliminated the threat of incapacitating both of themselves at the same time. Way to keep the injury stats down, and remember that it's always the last step you have to be careful of!