Tuesday, May 10, 2011

From the Captain...

First and only beer was expensive and weak. Came from a can.

(Uh... Sorry Dad, we're Canadian. Apparently we drink moonshine beer)

I still have not found a shower... other than a really grotty one that is totally unappealing, and from me that is saying a lot.

Went for a hike today up a very muddy trail to waterfall, took about 4 hours. Volcanic terrain. The trail was relativly easy, low grades, muddy and slippery and bouldery. What was interesting were all the low rock walls that were built over the centuries - the population in the valley was several thousand before whites - now maybe there's a dozen shacks / houses. We'd call them shacks but they are all that people require in this climate. The other thing is the vertical cliffs that rise up around you 200 m or so. Near the base of the waterfall the flat is maybe 70 m wide, then it goes vertical all around you in a kind of cul-de-sac. I kept losing my sense of vertical - it was like skiing and being whited out and your brain plays tricks. The think is, these vertical faces are green - and the brain just goes into overload saying "can't be" "reboot".

On the way out I got accosted by a young guy, incredible tatoos bone in ear etc. - wanting to "trade" - I ended up with some bananas and half a dozen huge grape fruits and help with watering the boat for a bottle of wine I don't want. Everyone is happy.

I'm sitting in "Daniels' Bay" which is the classic Marqueses setting, about 5 m west of the town but totally cut off.

Take care - and thanks for being there.