Monday, May 16, 2011

Bike 2... Sam 0

Disclaimer: The following post may contains scenes relating to self-inflicted violence, if you have a weak stomach viewer discretion is advised.

"Some friends are getting together for a ride you want to join?"... 2 and a half hours later I returned to the parking lot... sweaty, bleeding... and very much alive!

Hey Mom, check it out! There are chocolate lilies in bloom right now *smiles*

I even got to see my first rattlesnake EVAR! James rode past and ticked him off, so there he was all coiled up hovering and ready to strike! Leigh and I had to hike *around* the trail with our bikes... whilst watching for more. Everyone else wussed out and went around.

Leigh is from the land where scary poisonous things are way bigger and scarier than they are here, and well I figured we knew where *this* rattlesnake was why take the untested trail?!? ;)  Ooooh and I learned that in Australia you don't pronounce names like you do over here... For instance you say  Danny-L. rather than dan-yell. Guess we've got the wrong em-PHAH-sis on the wrong syl-LAL-bull  ;)

Closer to the end of the ride I popped my chain off my bike going through a jiggly bit... obviously The Fury was trying to tell me it needs some love, because when I flipped it around so I could un-jam it... it bit me with the large cog! It was a not so gentle reminder that I need to get shin guards for every day riding... I swear it didn't look too bad until I got back to the parking lot, then it looked like I'd been bitten by a Bacchae:

We also saw 7 deer over the course of the ride just hanging out mowing down on grass, two of which were mule deer! (see I was paying attention)

As far as I'm concerned it was a fairly big ride, but it was soooo super awesome that I did it again on Sunday *grins* besides, my Bacchae bite was mostly healed... and it was time for the not so subtle reminder that I need to change my pedals because the stock ones SUCK!

I think my legs are pressing charges for neglect causing bodily harm, or appendage abuse and battery... either way it isn't looking good for me. But really, could I pass this up??! I think not, I know I'm spoiled ;)