Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Remind me, I really wasn't thinking.

I'm not really the go-run-a-marathon-because-I-can type, but I can chase a soccer ball up and down the field in sprint distances until I keel over.. go figure *that* one out...

In any case, I've decided that I'm a social exerciser. For instance if someone else is doing something, I'm all over it. Dredging up the motivation to do it myself however *eeyyyah* not so much. Well, one of the ladies from work, has decided she's going to get in shape.  So I offered to be her moral support, met her this morning and we ran to work together. It was good, I didn't die.

The run home... seemed to take... way... longerrrrrrrr. Then I biked down to taekwondo... and did my stripe test... and then I biked home. I'm knackered, and hungry again *yawns* but I got my third stripe on my yellow belt *sleepy smile* and I got the form to take the next belt test!