Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Give me one ping...

4 low quiet beeps, pause, 4 more

 Listen really carefully, standing in the companionway, sounds are faint and seem to come from the lazarette. It's dark. I'm drifting, becalmed.  Sails down, engine off.  All is quiet.

 Electrical?  Everything is shut down, dead calm, conserving electricty.  Is something on?  Is there an alarm, instrument or something going off??

WHOOSH = almost an explosion right next to the boat!  I jump, heart rate hits new record.

Adrenaline rush.

I've been pinged by a whale! who surfaces less than 30 m away and he's BIG judging by the swirl but I can't see much - he's gone.  I hope he's not amorous and looking for a snuggle, or pissed and wanting to hit something.  Haven't seen anything alive for days.  He comes up a couple minutes later maybe 20 m away, blows again and has a good look I guess.  Scares me again.

Have to wonder if the underside of the boat looks like a sleeping potential mate.  That could be a worry 'cause he was way bigger than the boat.

And he's gone.

Heart slows down to normal after awhile.  This can't be good for me.

Love Dad
At 13/08/2011 3:53 AM (utc) our position was 18°33.51'S 158°43.70'W