Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Moooore fishin'

I worked all day last Saturday, I know, I know, I'm the first person to remind people not to work too much, but I took Monday off to chuck myself down a mountain *wrinkles forehead* which reminds me I have a couple pics from that... Anyways where was I? Right, fishing. Well Sunday, I got up at are-you-kidding-me-I-barely-get-up-this-early-for-work and we went fishing. Now, if we didn't try every different colour, shape, size and pattern of lure that Ed had... then Sam-I-Am-Not. Which I am. Either the fish finder was full of it, or those fish were used to steak and lobster bugs, because we were truly and soundly snubbed.

For four... and a half... hours. It was awesome! ...except when a dragonfly peed right on my knuckle, did you even know they could do that?!?!

We did countless loops around the lake until we had to pee, did a couple more loops and then stoked up our motivation and self-confidence by assuring each other that there must be fish that we should go try for on the little lake just before Edwin.  Part of our reasoning, we figured... was that with the trail down to it being relatively steep and probably a good hundred feet most people would be too lazy (not crazy enough) to get a boat down to go fishing on it... That and there were a couple of loons on it that morning, and loons don't lie!

We backed the truck up to the trail, took a wander down... assessing the soon to be situation with knowing squints accompanied by head nods, and started our attempt.  Now picture this... there we were with a decent sized two/three person aluminum fishin' boat, with one of us at each end... We lifted, carried, slid, dragged, and creatively wedged it sideways between a couple of trees... In fact it was much like the Grinch stealing Christmas trees and stuffing them one by one *up* the chimbley.

Incredibly no major injuries later, those two loons were promptly joined by a couple more loons, and two hours later we had been skunked for the second time that day. No fishies. Not even a nibble!

Y'know something though? I had a wonderful day refilling my solar cell banks, I just love being outside :)