Tuesday, August 02, 2011

I just ate sh...*ahem* dirt...

... and after all these years nothing has changed. I reached the same conclusion I did when I was 5. It *still* doesn't taste good.

I just had the worst bike ride ever.

I drove up Silverstar to go for a ride starting at the cross country ski area, and there were mosquitos but they were alright... I made it through riding the majority of the uphill bits, and then not too long after starting on the downhill I totally did a faceplant over the handlebars, I think I caught my pedal on the edge of the trail or something and then I just didn't let go in time, it wasn't really that big of a deal I wasn't going very fast, just scraped my knee a little.

It irritated me more than a little though.

I was having trouble finding my groove, so I decided to take the shorter trail down and skip the other uphill bits... and not too far down *that* trail there was a tree that was down. I think my wild angels must have been frolicking around with the butterflies, or they took a day off and forgot to mention it... because I tried to ride over that tree and totally did the hugest endo *and* scorpioned. (My bike landed on top of me facing backwards) and it wasn't just a little bit on top of me, it spread its weight out like a champion wrestler!

I scraped and bruised the same knee a little more, pouted, ignored the mosquitoes, regrouped over some powerade, then dusted myself off and carried on down. 

Hot, sweaty, dirty... bruised, bleeding and sore I couldn't even just walk away and lick my wounded pride... The mosquitoes were so bad I had to keep moving fast enough just so that I could see where I was going, and every time I slowed down the dark cloud of biothermo carbon dioxide nano-syringe's proximity alarms went off, and they threatened to consume me... literally. Or at very least turn me into a non-suitable blood host, leaving a mere husk of Sam... Just add the necessary pints of blood and other plasmids for your very own life size model.

I have never been so glad to see my car at the end of a ride, even that time we went camping and it rained for like 10 days... and everything that wasn't wet got wet when I fell in the creek. That was just a tired peaceful relief compared to this.

Even being at work after a long weekend was better *storm cloud frown*

Oh well, at least I had peas in the freezer... scientistically or not, they still make the best ice pack for the funny shaped bendy parts of your appendages.