Friday, August 26, 2011


I just used my hotness for a functional work-related purpose... What's that you ask? Well I quite literally, used it to test our new server room temperature sensor. It's soooooo cool! It sends an email alert to any given number of addresses letting you know the minute things are out of control in the server room!

I only stretched one, mayyybe two workplace safety codes... sitting on top of a ladder (not on the top step mind you ;), in flip flops, without a spotter.  My latest response to those 'protocol and procedure' type questions though has been "It's okay, I know first aid", and since my partner in crime also knows first aid... we can cover for each other *smug grin*

I also just proved that you can be in IT and be hot, it's a tough job... but somebody had to do it *buffs nails*