Friday, August 05, 2011

Why can't the little things just be easy?!?

And I thought it took a long time to do things on the boat.

One hour, and four trips later to two different bike shops... and I finally have a quick release collar. What is so special about a quick release collar you ask? Well now I can quickly change the height of my seat without setting up an all you can eat buffet for the local mozzie population.

Trip one was really more of a recon mission, so it doesn't really count. I learned that you need the outside diameter of the down tube, and that I could just bring it in and they'd measure it.

Trip two I brought my bike down and Buddy measured the down tube diameter. Please note that this was *with* calipers.

I got home, easily removed the old collar and realized there was that moldy green grease on everything *before* I got it all over myself and my apartment, and on top of that I managed *not* to get it on the new part... that. didn't. fit.

Trip three was so I could exchange return the collar that wasn't going to stretch enough to fit even if I had some kind of spreader...

Trip four was up the road to the *other* bike shop, which after some digging finally found a Kona one which would fit.

So all in all, $11 dollars later I have a new "ooooh shiny!" quick release collar of awesomeness. I will no longer be able to blame walking up steep hills on the lack of torque due to seat height... but seat changes will no longer take as long as a full service pit stop.