Wednesday, August 17, 2011

From the Captain...

I've since sailed to Bora Bora and sitting here in the heat and the wind.

I think I figured out the drive train noise that's been bothering me.  It sounded like a bearing but it was intermittent - travelling along and suddenly there was this aweful gravel sound, slow down and it would stop, shift to neutral, shift back to forward and it's fine.  Checked everything. I got to thinking it sounded like a car's clutch chattering and slipping.

A light went on (still don't know if it was the right light though).  I re-read "the bible" and there is a phrase that Hurth gearboxes are particularly sensitive to the shift lever being properly adjusted, and a minimum throw of 30 deg. is required.  I made up a little paper template for 30 deg (used the dividers to construct an equilateral triange, then used them again to bisect one of the angles) and it looked like the lever was 'just' making the 30 - and maybe not always.

I moved the pin from the control cable yoke to the inside position on the transmission shift lever which increases the throw (hence the angle), and then looked at the cockpit lever / control cable set up and realized that it's easy not to move the cockpit lever all the way forward.  It may be that I haven't, at times, pushed the cockpit lever far enough - so I just really have to be careful to do that and hopefully that's fixed the problem.  Find out tomorrow.  Part of the issue likely stems from the fact that I raised the cockpit floor so I can see over the dodger.  While the raised section doesn't directly interfere with the cockpit shift lever, I think anyone's tendency is to push the lever just to that floor level, not past down to the original floor where it needs to go.

That's really about it.  Weather is good if at times blustery.  The cooking has deteriorated significantly - and I have to use up all my home canned stuff before NZ because they'll take it away otherwise.