Sunday, August 07, 2011

Time well wasted

Today I got up at the ridiculous hour of 6:30am on my weekend to go fishin' Which is a minor miracle as when I went to hop in the shower to wake up, I discovered that the power was out. I only attempted to turn the bathroom light and fan on and off twice before I figured it out.

Needless to say I was moderately disorganized as that threw my entire morning routine completely out the window... well that and I couldn't even put oatmeal on. Due to the layout of my apartment, you can literally walk in circles. For me, this is not always a good thing... and I did a couple laps this morning, you know, just to uh get the blood flowing. Yeah, that's it.

The troubles of the morning were soon forgotten though with a large double double in hand, and we drove off to the backwater lakes of Lavington.

This is Herb lake. We didn't catch nuthin' on Herb lake... oh wait, that's not entirely true... we did catch ourselves. Somehow we managed to get three of our four fishing lines, lures, clips and weights tangled. I don't know how that could have happened in such a small boat?!?! *giggles*

I'm honestly willing to bet that the nibble I thought I *might* have gotten (other than the colossal cluster) was probably a weed with a fishing line deficiency.

Three hours later, I had concluded that fishing was a zen like state you used to test your patience... and that being outside enjoying this beautiful world that we live in, and the company was more important than actually catching fish.

Then we went up the road to ummm some other lake *squints* I can't tell you the name cause it's a secret, but there were lots of fishies in it, and they were biting! It was so funny, because we were about two minutes away from the boat ramp when Ed says "This is about where we were when we caught them last time..." and BANG! He had a fish. I'm not even kidding you!

Of course the first fish I caught was the biggest one, probably weighing in at about a pound... soaking wet ;)

We did innumerable laps around the lake and caught a tonne of fish! And by tonne I mean I caught at least four, and had a bunch of good solid teasing nibbles... and Ed caught a bunch too *smiles*

What a fantastic way to wrap up the weekend! I mean really, how spoiled am I?! Please, don't answer that ;)