Monday, November 01, 2010

Aquarium Awesomesaucedness

Here are the pics from the aquarium if I can get them to upload without giving me an aneurysm. If I found a genie in a bottle I'd wish for my own personal uuber high speed internet connection that just always worked.

This was the entrance to the jelly fish exhibit, those are all little fishes!

Jelly fish, super beautiful but they give me the creeps.

Anchovies, look at how big their little mouths open! Nom nom nom

Ummmm I just thought he looked super cool ;)

And more coolness...

What wow in a tank looks like,

Oooh and I was gonna leave this one zoomed out, but he's really hard to see!

Some cool spikey crabs

One of the cool little birds in the enclosed area, you can practically touch them they're so close!

The funny lookin' one is a Roseate Spoonbill *giggles* they scoop up muck and mud and filter out the little stuff they eat!

Part of the coral reef, they're so cool to watch, they sway like the wind blowing through a huge wheat field. Yep that's the little Albertan in me peaking through ;o)

The penguins, they were funny zipping all over the place leaving a trail of tiny bubbles behind them like mouse-trails.

These guys are a variety of sea-horse, they were absolutely beautiful.

Everyone checking out another sea-horse display.

The super cool Leafy Sea Dragon!

Sorry Mom, I took pictures of some of the signs that said what they were, but lots of them didn't turn out cause they had the lights low for the sea creatures, and I wasn't allowed to use flash... I'll look 'em up for you though at some point k?