Sunday, November 07, 2010

We're all about safety first

I can't help but wonder as I sit here typing up the last few days worth of exploits, what exactly I would do if the Captain managed to electrocute himself.

See the thing is, he's currently wedged sideways under the nav area... and after having insisted that no, we don't need to disconnect the battery he'll just be careful... my thoughts and typings have been sporadically interupted by his startled yelps each time he accidently shorts something. The words 'You okay?' initially tinged with concern, have become so routine I'm no longer certain I'm actually listening to the response.

It has occurred to me that since I can't reach the power source to unplg it so to speak, my best bet would be to drag him out by the ankles... without actually touching him. Even with my new found muscles I'm not entirely sure that this is feasible... especially considering how much trouble he has getting himself in and out of that space.

I do hope you understand, that despite my musings I honestly hope I never have to find out. For serious.